We align with external frameworks and initiatives to enhance the progress and investment in mental health through the combined strengths of government and community working together. These initiatives include:


“EndPovertyEdmonton is a community initiative working towards prosperity for all through advancing reconciliation, the elimination of racism, livable incomes, affordable housing, accessible and affordable transit, affordable and quality child care, and access to mental health services and addiction supports.”

EndPovertyEdmonton Strategy Priority #19

  • Improve timely access to mental health and wellness services and addictions supports

EndPovertyEdmonton Road Map, Goal 3, Action 25

  • Advocate to increase funding and access to mental health services and education including the expansion of full service hours for multi-disciplinary mental health services

Family Violence Hurts Everyone: A Framework to End Family Violence in Alberta

Strategic Priorities of the Framework

  • Strengthen efforts to prevent family violence across the lifespan
  • Enhance services, supports and the justice response for victims and offenders
  • Partner and plan with Alberta’s diverse communities
  • Promote family and community safety through policy, legislation and public engagement
  • Evaluate, measure and demonstrate success

Living Hope: A Community Plan to Prevent Suicide in Edmonton

“The plan aims to bring the community significantly closer to preventing suicide in Edmonton which will position Edmonton as a leader in suicide prevention.”

Objective 2, Priority Action 2.1

  • Expand suicide prevention training opportunities for staff of organizations who work with higher risk populations and those vulnerable during transition times, to identify risk, provide assessment, and facilitate referral.

Objective 5, Priority Action 5.1

  • Incorporate suicide prevention and positive mental health promotion into new and existing addiction and mental health initiatives.

Objective 5, Priority Action 5.3

  • Contribute to the development of comprehensive referral and bridging protocols for people at risk of suicide that ensure a supportive transition between care providers, where relationships of support are maintained.

United Way of the Alberta Capital Region

“United Way looks at the big picture in order to deliver a coordinated network of services and programs to address a range of needs for children and families who are living in poverty.”

Urban Isolation & Mental Health

“Edmontonians are less likely to experience stress, depression, loneliness and isolation if they feel connected to a supportive community. The City of Edmonton’s initiative on Urban Isolation and Mental Health will work to positively affect mental health and wellbeing by connecting residents within their communities.”

Valuing Mental Health

“In June 2015, Premier Rachel Notley announced that the Alberta Mental Health Review Committee would complete a comprehensive review of the mental health system in Alberta. The Committee released Valuing Mental Health: Report of the Alberta Mental Health Review Committee in February 2016. With guidance from stakeholder consultations and community suggestions, the Committee’s recommendations were synthesized into the 18 actions reflected in Valuing Mental Health (VMH): Next Steps, released in June 2017. VMH: Next Steps aligns with the Government of Alberta’s community-based health vision by improving continuity of addiction and mental health services and supports within the health system and in the community. Its actions focus on coordinating and integrating services across health and with community service providers with an emphasis on meeting the needs of vulnerable and underserved groups.”

Calgary Council for Addiction and Mental Health

“The Calgary Council for Addiction and Mental Health (CCAMH) is a collective impact group which provides a strong and unified voice, promoting the better delivery of competent, integrated, efficient, ethical and effective person-centered mental health and addiction services and support.”