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Developmental Pathways of Addiction and Mental Health

This AHS Mental Health and Addictions Learning Series offers a web-based interactive e-Learning curriculum designed to support healthcare providers to enhance their practice working with children, youth and their families experiencing addiction and mental health issues. The focus of these modules is to help health providers recognize and reduce significant stressors for vulnerable children and their parents, enhance their resilience, and increase their coping skills. In providing mental health support to children and youth the focus needs to shift toward health promotion and disease prevention, rather than just treating the impact of mental health disorders. (11 modules, 1.5-2 hours each)

Competency: Knowledge, Behavioural

Audience: Children / Youth

Cost: Free

CRI Trauma Informed Certification

Offered locally through ECDSS Community Resilience Initiative (CRI) course highlights CRI’s capacity-building framework for building resilience, that describes community’s learning and movement from theory to practice and how to implement evidence-based strategies into action. The training includes three groups of topics: the NEAR sciences, a cluster of emerging scientific findings in the fields of Neuroscience, Epigenetics, ACE Study, and Resilience; Brain States, the critical transition from Knowledge to Insight; and ROLES, CRI’s signature training on Recognize, Observe, Label, Elect and Solve, core strategies thattake us below the tip of the proverbial iceberg. (1 day)

Competency: Knowledge, Behavioural, Activating

Audience: All

Cost: TBA

Trauma Informed Care: Translating Trauma Informed Principles into Practice

This introductory training acknowledges the prevalence and significant impact of trauma in an individual’s life and aims to inform service providers how to apply a trauma-informed lens to their current practice. This workshop will define and describe the six main trauma-informed principles outlined in the literature and will focus on how to translate these principles into practice. (2 day)

Competency: Knowledge, Behavioural, Activating

Audience: All

Cost: $220

Trauma-Informed: A Trauma Toolkit

This toolkit from Klinic Community Health Centre aims to  provide knowledge to service providers working with adults who have experienced or been affected by trauma. It will also help service providers and organizations to work from a trauma-informed perspective and develop trauma-informed relationships that cultivate safety, trust and compassion.


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