Workplace Wellness (2-Day Training)

This two-day session is designed for those employed in the human services sector whose working conditions and identities as workers have been changed and challenged over the last few years. Through guided conversation and reflective activities, participants will engage with many of the complex mental health topics that are relevant to workers right now. This session aims to support employees with practical tools to enhance their workplace wellness and sustain their practice. Participants will examine compassion fatigue and compassion satisfaction through the lens of their own professional quality of life. By understanding what the warning signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue and burnout may look like in themselves and others, participants will be better prepared to respond by prioritizing well-being and mitigating potential harm to individuals, clients, and organizations. In addition, participants will explore wellness at the organizational level with a focus on organizational culture as a creation and function of the workplace community. Cultivating a healthy, compassionate, and intentional organizational culture is at the heart of making a significant shift towards improving workplace wellness for everyone.

By the end of the session, participants will be empowered with personal insight and strategies that will support their efforts to attain and promote wellness and compassion in the workplace. Participants will leave the session with practical tools and protective strategies to care for their mental health and minimize the experience of fatigue that can come from working in empathetically demanding jobs. These strategies will not only sustain employees and their practices, but will also foster growth in their organizations to help them move forward with confidence after years of uncertainty.


May 02 - 03 2022


9:00 am - 3:00 pm


Imagine Institute for Learning


Imagine Institute for Learning
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