Workplace Wellness 3: Reflective Practice and Supervision (2 day training)

This training is being generously sponsored by Alberta Health for All Albertans. This $260/per person training is now available at no cost to Albertans.

This 2-day series is a tool that translates and supports the space between various levels of accountability within an organization. Participants will have the opportunity to build a common language that creates space for growth at all levels of an organization. We will explore the wisdom in the room related to the behavioural competencies that participants already employ in their workplaces. Together, we will then apply the activating competencies of assertiveness, perseverance, and respectful curiosity to their context. Supervision is often associated with stress and anxiety in the workplace; however, this session explores how to communicate and consolidate learning within supervisory relationships.

The second part of this session takes a more practical approach to documentation and communication within the separate roles of supervision. By exploring the power of curiosity, mentoring, and relationships, this session focuses on tools for supervisors to support a space for reflective supervision. It attempts to address the fear of, “What if I say what I really feel?” and the supervisor’s fear of, “Now that I know about it, what do I do?” We look forward to learning together and supporting the human needs that show up at work.

Day 1 Objectives:

  • Explore the role of met and unmet needs in the workplace environment and how that shows up in our professional competencies (knowledge, behavioural, and activating).
  • Build understanding around what reflective practice offers to different supervisory spaces, including the role of the practitioner in the context of supervision.
  • Employ practical tools that build self-awareness including a self-assessment of your own perceptions and ideas.
  • Build capacity related to communication with the different roles, goals, and techniques within an organization.
  • Explore strategies and tools to support moving from communication(talk) to consolidation (or action) related to reflective learning.

Day 2 Objectives:

  • Create a space for sharing wisdom from within the group, related to tools of the trade. Supervisors can share what works within their organization as well as learn from other supervisors in the space.
  • Employ practical tools that support goal communication, mentoring and playfulness in building relationships with practitioners.
  • Explore tools that help supervisors when staff experience trauma or life experiences that interfere with a person’s ability to “show up” for work.


Feb 15 - 16 2023


9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Imagine Institute for Learning


Imagine Institute for Learning
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