Community Grant and Event Sponsorship Opportunity for Edmonton Suicide Prevention and Wraparound Mental Health Support

The Canadian Mental Health Association – Edmonton Region, the City of Edmonton, and United Way of the Alberta Capital Region have been working in partnership in the development of a strategy for community Mental Health services. This initiative is made possible through the City of Edmonton’s Community Safety and Well-being Strategy.

As a part of this endeavor, grants, project and event sponsorship opportunities are being offered to groups and organizations aiming to advance community projects focused on suicide prevention and wraparound mental health support. United Way of the Alberta Capital Region is acting as the granting body for this collaborative effort.

We are providing grants and event sponsorship to organizations in order to fund community projects that strive to address one or more of the following within our community:

  • Decrease stigma associated with mental health challenges or illness and/or suicide;
  • Increase the resilience and promoting positive mental health of Edmontonians;
  • Improve Edmontonians knowledge and awareness of mental health and/or suicide prevention;
  • Provide an understanding of how to help someone experiencing a mental health challenge and/or considering suicide;
  • Create safer environments for those impacted by mental health challenges and/or suicide (including initiatives for survivors and caregivers);
  • Increase accessibility of services that advance positive mental health;
  • Focus on the need of priority populations (groups who experience higher rates of mental health challenges, mental illness, and/or suicide than the general population); and
  • Enhance Edmonton-based research, data collection and surveillance tools available to inform localized initiatives and policies in wraparound mental health and/or suicide prevention.
Download Guidelines
Apply for Funding

More details: 

  • Grant and event sponsorship funding is eligible for project and event expenses ranging between $500 and $20,000
  • All activities and deliverables for this funding must be completed before December 31, 2024.
  • We will be accepting applications until end of day on Tuesday, April 30, 2024.
  • Project or Events must be located in Edmonton, or provide services primarily for Edmontonians.
  • Organizations are welcome to submit more than one application, but a maximum of one application per organization will be selected for funding.
  • A summary of the event must be submitted at the conclusion of the project, outlining related activities, the number of individuals/groups benefitting from the project, number of sessions held, and other relevant outputs. A written summary of all relevant program expenses, including invoices and, if requested, receipts will be required. An opportunity for a site visit may also be requested.

Note: Activities being hosted in multiple locations or on multiple dates with similar content will be counted as one project.

Submitting Your Application

If interested, carefully review the guidelines and either apply online here or submit a brief letter of interest to by end of day on April 30, 2024.

Application Support

A brief webinar about this grant and the application process will be held at 12:00pm (MDT) on Friday, April 12.

  • Register for this webinar here

Please email or contact Dave Chowne at 780- 990-1000 if you require application assistance or need additional information.

The 2016 Edmonton Suicide Prevention Strategy, the 2016 Community Mental Health Action Plan, and the Living Hope: A Community Plan to Prevent Suicide in Edmonton 2018-22 guided work that achieved significant gains toward better mental health support in the Edmonton Region.  An important result was a better understanding of how mental health, suicide, addiction, gender-based violence, and social disorder are interrelated issues.

This initiative will sustain and build on the lessons learned through these initiatives.  It will maximize Edmontonians’ mental well-being by working with people with Lived Experience to create a revolutionary, holistic community mental health system that integrates and coordinates efforts of individuals, communities, services, policy and funders.