Shared Wisdom for Supporting Mental Health in the Community

Stories from Shared Wisdom

“Inside each of us, and among all of us, are the necessary elements to make our systems better.”

Institute for Healthcare Improvement
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What is Shared Wisdom for?

  • Share what’s working on the ground. That is, to share locally developed innovations and evidence-informed practices that can result in better mental health outcomes.
  • Acknowledge, support, and celebrate what people are doing in Alberta to improve community-based mental health and addiction services and supports.
  • Inspire and support implementation of innovations and evidence-informed practices.
  • Build a learning community around the sharing of wisdom and experience to better support mental health in the community.


Who can use Shared Wisdom?

Shared Wisdom is intended for people and organizations with a spirit of inquiry and a commitment to serving others with excellence – people who strive every day to better support people, families and communities in their journey to mental wellbeing, resilience and recovery. This includes:

  • government and non-government organizations, whether large or small in size and in urban, rural and remote settings.
  • individuals, groups or organizations in a position to support mental health in the community.

The major focus is on evidence-informed practices and innovations in organizations. Some information will be particularly relevant to managers charged with overseeing these activities; other information will be relevant to individual practitioners doing the work “on the ground”. In essence, there is something for anyone who is interested in optimizing supports for mental wellbeing in the community.

Ideas for Using Shared Wisdom

Use it for navigation support to learn about other service providers. 

Gain ideas for training, program development / planning, evaluation, and new resources

Share with organizations, in a course, or in meetings and presentations

  • Have you ever struggled when working with a client or program to achieve the outcomes you’re hoping for?
  • Have you tried to find new ways to solve problems in your practice or in your agency?
  • Do you wonder how other practitioners or agencies have solved a problem that’s frustrating you?
  • Have you ever wondered how you could take an approach another agency is using and apply it in your agency?
  • Do you have an idea for a new practice or approach and want to see if it works?
  • Do you have an opportunity to try something new but wonder how to proceed?
  • Do you ever wonder how effective your efforts really are?
  • Is your funder requiring you to use “evidence-informed practices” but you’re not sure where to start?

Shared Wisdom Guide

Shared Wisdom has two complementary components (stories and resources), each designed to inspire and inform efforts to improve practice based on evidence. Download the full guide or continue reading for an overview of these two sections.

Download the Shared Wisdom Guide

Stories about the experiences of people and organizations

The stories capture the experiences of people and organizations who are travelling the path of improving supports for mental health and addictions in the community. If like many people, you learn best from stories, these are for you!

Resources for implementing evidence-informed practices and innovations “on the ground”

This is not a prescriptive “how-to” manual or guide; but rather, a smorgasboard of ideas and resources that others have found to be helpful. Our hope is that you might also find these to be valuable in your own practice and/or organization. 

By sharing these stories and resources, we hope people will see that change can indeed happen and make a difference! 

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Shared Wisdom is for you!





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