Need Help for Mental Health? Tool

The Need Help for Mental Health? Tool is a mental health navigation tool. There is a pre-made tool specific to Edmonton, but a customizable version of the Tool is also available for communities to edit based on the population they work with. This tool is a basic overview of the mental health services that are available. It can be used by anyone to help themselves or others connect to mental health and social services in their community by reading through the questions and seeing which services meet their needs.

The Need Help for Mental Health? Tool is available in several different languages:

Download Need Help for Mental Health Tool? for Edmonton

(French)  Besoin d’aide pour la santé mentale en français

(Spanish) Necesitas Ayuda en Español para tu Salud Mental

(Swahili) Unahitaji msaada kwa afya ya akili?

Customize Need Help for Mental Health? Tool

You can download the template and fill it out to suit your needs. The resource is customizable to specific populations like seniors, individuals feeling suicidal, and newcomers. Its purpose is to get people to the right services.

Easy How-To Steps to Customize the Need Help for Mental Health? Tool

  • Download the Tool in the format you would like to use. The tool is available in 3 formats for customizing: PDF, Google and Word. The default format includes Edmonton resources.
  • Choose your focus or geographic subheading and fill it in that spot.
  • Search 211 for relevant resources at: Additionally, if you have other local resources that are not on 211, you can add those.
    • Thinking about your choice of resources, is your customized tool user friendly?
    • Are the resources that you have selected accessible (e.g. location, hours, cost, physical accessibility, etc.)?
  • Format into the Need Help for Mental Health? Tool
  • Validate customized Tool with end users and providers, to ensure the best resources have been chosen. This can be done by sharing the Tool with others and getting input.
  • Provide the Community Mental Health Action Plan with a copy of your customized tool. Email:
  • Share your Tool with the community you made it for!

Editing Notes

PDF and Word editing: Simply click on the box you would like to edit, and delete the placeholder content, add your text and change as you wish! You will need Adobe Acrobat to edit the PDF and Microsoft Word to edit the Word document.

Google editing: Double click on the Tool image and an edit screen will pop up. Make your edits and click ‘save and close’.

Disclaimer: There is a disclaimer at the bottom of all formats that should be edited to include your own information.

Download Tool customization instructions

Download the customizable templates: